Update your app: we've made changes!

Update your app now to get even more control over your data and full feature support, such as updates on your orders and favourite deals and campaigns.

You can update to the latest version of the app for iOS (version v3.8.5) as well as for Android (version v1.11.39).

Important: for full feature support and in order to receive push notifications with updates about your orders (e.g. shipping confirmation) and your favourite deals and campaigns, we advise you to consent to tracking in the app. If you do not agree with the tracking, we will limit ourselves to essential tracking, which means that you will not be able to see personalised content, and we will unfortunately not be able to send you push notifications with the latest updates. For more details about the tracking and all available options, please go to your "settings" in the app. You will always be able to change your preferences there.


The apps from Zalando SE (Zalando Lounge, Zalando and Zalon) collect information about our users and their usage patterns, devices and mobile identifiers to keep our apps reliable and secure, to measure performance and to provide personalised advertising. For further information, please see our Data Protection Policy and Terms & Conditions.